chrysalis-122-242x300Facilitating Personal Transformation and Cultural Change

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Claire Maitre offers individual and group work by facilitating conversations of deep inquiry to support and develop new perspectives on living a human life in these “interesting times.”

Individuals work one-on-one with Claire to nurture and strengthen personal evolution in response to culture change.  My goal after one or more sessions with an individual is to assist you in moving from a sense of internal discord and confusion into a clear path that draws upon your personal strengths and gifts for living and thriving in these unique times. These sessions are offered in person and via Skype.

Groups: Drawing on several years as a skilled facilitator in the Work That Reconnects, Claire engages groups in collaborative processes to strengthen the relationships in their community and develop a clearer understanding of the work before us.  Through experiential workshops, we will work together to deepen our perspectives on our shared experience as human beings.  Participants are given opportunities to unblock their deep knowing so that together we can freely and creatively transform our culture through the creation of life-sustaining options that serve present and future generations.

Pictured is a monarch butterfly chrysalis.  The beautiful gold beads are authentic and surprising!