sheltered_chrysalis_green_01CHRYSALIS: Conversations for Inner Transition offers support for individuals who are waking up to do some serious re-examination of where we find ourselves.  It is for those who are asking the tough questions and letting in some heartbreaking information.  It is for the courageous who don’t always feel brave.  It is for those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of work before us. It’s for those who are trying to restore their own moral compass and take an ethical, empathetic view toward those who will come after us while simultaneously finding themselves too dependent on the system they are viewing with a critical eye.  It’s for those who know they are deep into a painful paradox as well as for those who have a vision of the possible who need a welcoming person to listen.  CHRYSALIS is for conversations that deepen our perspectives, hone our vision, offer empathy for difficult emotions, strengthen our resolve, restore our courage, and more.  What aspect of the transformation you are in would you like or need to talk about?

Call or email to set up a time for an initial hour-long session (248-613-8803 or  Together we will determine a comfortable place to meet to talk about what aspect of the transition work for which you need support right now.

The first session is half-off at $20. If we discover a good match for a continuing conversation, I offer a couple of options for a fee schedule for subsequent sessions:

Option 1: Three sessions for $100 (half-off for one session).

Option 2: Six sessions for $200 (half-off for two sessions).

Option 3: Ongoing sessions are $40 each.

Each session is one hour.

For people who are interested but limited financially, we can discuss a sliding scale based on the current needs of us both.

I am not formally trained as a therapist.  Therefore, if I perceive that you may benefit from seeing a therapist, I’ll refer you to someone better qualified.  However, I am of the belief that many of us simply need someone to listen and that many of us carry emotions that are not the result of personal trauma or loss, but are a natural response to living in a culture where life is out of balance.  Perhaps at no other time has humanity lived with the knowledge that we are destroying our very life-support system through daily erosion of natural resources and through the threat of catastrophic political fallout.  You aren’t crazy, but this situation we find ourselves in can feel crazy-making.  There is a way to live with courage and creative responses.