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About Claire Maitre  The deep questions in my own life have been about culture change.  I have studied how cultures transform through my studies in anthropology at Wayne State University.  I have been an active participant observer in my own society for as long as I can remember while carrying a growing concern for life out of balance in our consumer culture. My own life was blessed with the support of a 29-year marriage and the opportunity to be the primary caregiver for two beautiful sons while my former husband provided financial support for us all.  Though that chapter is now completed with the marriage’s end and the now adult lives of my sons, this expansive time afforded me the opportunity to witness my own culture through many decades of changes and to see the impacts of the culture on the formation of my own children as well as their friends and cohorts.  And, like many others around the world, I am increasingly alarmed by the ecological consequences of human ignorance and hubris as we race to extract and use Earth’s resources leaving a path of pollutants and imbalance in our wake.

During my life, I have been able to develop many skills.  As an active listener, I have been committed to empathetically hearing what is most important to each person and offering wisdom from the voice of my own experiences.  Much of my adult life has been spent as an advocate for social change as an environmental and social activist.  I have been fortunate to study extensively with Joanna Macy to learn to facilitate The Work That Reconnects.  In 2008, I was certified in permaculture: the art of creating permanent agriculture/permanent culture through intentional creation of thoughtful life support systems that mimic nature’s intelligent design.  Also, I have been tuned in to the spiritual conversation of our times through the work of many of our great teachers, past and present.

My life is committed to serving the transformations of our culture that will lift the veil of mass delusional thinking and actions, largely driven by the hyper-individualism of a consumer culture.  I choose to use my gifts and talents to help lead and support us to restore our sacred bonds with our precious planet and with each other so that we can more clearly see the Sacred Path we must now take.